kagerô ya 


tsuka-to tsuka

heat shimmers--

they look like dear friends

the two graves

Issa, 1791

Dear Erin,

You were playing with Cookie the other day; I saw you grab her nose and pull her ears; the way you gave her one of your first hugs. I understood you knew something that I didn’t - one of this things you unlearn once you start learning all the shoulds and shouldn’ts.

See, Erin, this planet is a living organism. It seems huge to us and it’s a bit hard to imagine, but it’s true. We are all little cells working to achive general peace, working every day to make this enormous body feel at ease. To be healthy. When one cell stops cooperating, it can kill the whole being. This is why we are so important - our body can be either healthy. or ill - and there is not much in between.


The Earth breathes. It feeds us and quenches our thirst. It cares for us when we live and swallows our bodies when our souls abandon them. Then it bears trees and produces fruit and oxygen. It lets us breathe again. 

How can we tell the boundaries of our bodies? How do you recognize where you end and the rest of the world begins? 

I’ll tell you a secret. We are all one, same and equal. 

You need to respect and love yourself and this means respecting and loving all other creatures. The science has not yet discovered what is alive and what isn’t. I believe everything is. We are all the same body, same matter. We are the ground we walk and the air we inhale. These flowers, bees and stars are our sisters. It’s beautiful, isn’t it?

When you were born, you made me realize that anything you can see or imagine, was once born. Human history is a history of wars, but this planet’s history is all about rebirthing.

It’s good to feel you belong. Loneliness is when you feel disconnected and lose the link to this natural chain. Please, do not forget your body came from mine, and we both are part of the same. The universe is your home and regardless of where you are, you’re home. 

Feel safe and calm and remember: we are this planet’s children. 

Your happiness is a part of a new, better world. 

Let me learn from you.

Originally published at Wildling Magazine No. 4

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